News 2014

ReSAC Presented its Capacity in Copernicus Programme During the European Space Expo


The traveling exhibition which shows how the space activities and applications benefit our everyday lives on earth – European Space Expo was held in Sofia between 16th and 24th of May 2014. The exhibition is organized from directorate "Information Activities of the DG Enterprise and Industry of the EC and presents the current state of the programme for Earth Observation "Copernicus" and global navigation "Galileo" of the EU and ESA. Vassil Vassilev, project manager in ReSAC and member of the Programme committee Space of the Horizon2020, was invited from the organizers to make a speech on the application of the space technologies. On 20.05.2014 a lecture was made on the topic "Operational capacity in Copernicus and trans-border applications for South East Europe of the ReSAC and Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration" in which scientific developments and operational services developed by the two organizations in the areas of environment, agriculture, forestry, disaster management and others were presented. On 25.05.2014 ReSAC presented in details the Copernicus programme – history, the current state and its future, as well as ideas on how Bulgaria could participate in the programme.

ReSAC Was Nominated for Access the European Space Agency (ESA) - ESA Earth Online Database Imagery


ReSAC was nominated for access the European Space Agency (ESA) - ESA Earth Online database imagery. The research project that ReSAC participated is "Research with synthetic aperture radar – SAR imagery. Application of SAR advanced techniques - interferometry and polarimetry for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria", and was selected by ESA, that will provide 80 SAR - imagery for the territory of Bulgaria. The satellite images are derived from ENVISAT and ERS offline satellites, which cover different periods and regions of the country. The study will test the applicability of SAR imagery for the Study of Disaster Management; SAR advanced techniques is going to be tested in disaster situations to assess their significance in comparison with the results of ground-based or other remote sensing investigations. The test area will cover areas within the country subject to past earthquakes and landslides. Furthermore, products will be developed to assess the damage from natural disasters, mapping assets and mapping products to the risk of these natural disasters.

With the Nomination for Principal Investigator of ESA Database, ReSAC continues its traditions in research and collaboration with the world's leading space agencies and related organizations, on behalf of successful cooperation with ESA database for the needs of program Copernicus, with JRC MARS Unit for assessment KOMPSAT satellites and FORMOSAT-2, for their application in SAR, and DLR / NASA for use of data from the SRTM Mission.