Projects 2003

Land Cover Mapping and Base Map GIS Preparation for the Purposes of Agriculture, RIMEX Ltd. – Creation of the GIS Database for the Purposes of Agricultural Marketing Using Dynamic Maps Software

Participants: BASA-ReSAC

The region mapped is more than 1.5 million ha in Northern Bulgaria. In order to create Land Cover maps Landsat TM and ETM images from 2000 - 2003 were used together with topomaps in scale 1: 100 000. The following land cover classes were mapped

  • Two types of agricultural land – actively and not-actively managed;
  • Grassland;
  • Forest;
  • Urban area;
  • Other areas: abandoned lands, natural vegetation, vineyards, orchards and others;
  • Water areas.

In the GIS Database as additional information the following layers were included: soil types, infrastructure, administrative borders. The following software products were used ERDAS Imagine, ArcView, LCCS, GeoVIS etc.

The Dynamic Maps Software is developed by the Canadian company SKE with the special support of the FAO and GTOS of the UN. It is а free software, which enables integration of GIS data with other additional information. The software:

  • Integrates maps with Microsoft Office through PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Ties the data to their relevant map features.
  • Publish documents, files and web pages against map features.

The Dynamic Maps Software v3.0 has been added to the GIS data in order the customer to be able to make analyses and to browse the data.

Dynamic Digital Atlas and GIS for Ecozone "Sofia-East", Regional Information Centre for Urban Environment and GIS - Management, Creation of Reliable Database, Control and Revision by Space Imagery

Participants: Bavarian Ministry of Environment, ASDE, BASA-ReSAC

The Dynamic Digital Atlas contains 20 thematic maps and the corresponding additional information, which are related to the so-called ECOZONE SOFIA-EAST. The atlas contains also some base layers as infrastructure, hydrology and administrative boundaries of the Ecozone area. All data is derived from a real GIS data, captured and maintained with SICAD Spatial Desktop software at the Regional Information Centre for Urban Environment and GIS – Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration.

The ECOZONE SOFIA-EAST is a pilot project, developed in the frame of PHARE Program in 1997-8 – BG 9310-03-05-05. The Pilot Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for ECOZONE SOFIA EAST was developed for an urban/rural area of 135 km2 situated to the east of Sofia. Later with the support of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Sofia Municipality the project was enlarged up to 209 km2. From 2001 the basic principles of sustainable development were accepted for the whole area of Sofia Municipality.

The atlas was prepared with the software Dynamic Atlas, version 3.0 developed by Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc. (SKE), Canada. The atlas was developed with the participation of experts from the BASA-ReSAC and with the kind support of Sofia Municipality and the Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Regional Development.

Pilot Project "Regional Information Centre for Urban Environment and GIS - Management" - Implementation of GIS for the Ecozone "Sofia-East", Using SICAD Spatial Desktop Software, Creation of Reliable Database, Control and Revision by Aerial Photos

Participants: Bavarian Ministry of Environment, ASDE, BASA-ReSAC

In 1999 Sofia Municipality defined Ecozone "Sofia-East" as part of the new Structural Scheme of the city. The elaborated under PHARE Project BG 9310-03-05-05 Environmental Management Plan of this test area established the base for a Local Model for Sustainable Development for the capital of Bulgaria. More than 15 Pilot Projects are defined in different domains: industry, infrastructure, rehabilitation, environment, transport. Using the Bavarian experience, the District of Mladost started the creation of Regional Information Center for Urban Environment. Geographic Information System (as an example is taken the SICAD technology), integrates all available geospatial information and provides the necessary outputs, which could be used by decision-makers and future investors.

With the strong support of the Permanent Bulgarian-Bavarian Commission, the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Bavarian Ministry of Regional Development and Environment, a GIS solution was chosen, based on the software SICAD Spatial Desktop from SICAD GEOMATICS. The system was installed in the District of Mladost - one of the most populated districts of Sofia, which area is part of Ecozone "Sofia - East". The project was conducted by the Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration "Ecozone Sofia" (ASDE) together with Stalker-KM, the Bulgarian partner of SICAD and the BASA-ReSAC. More than 20 information layers were created - cadastre (provided by GIS-Sofia Ltd), land use/land cover, infrastructure, hydrography, geology, soils, protected zones, Digital Terrain Model, etc. Using the geoprocessing functionalities of SICAD Spatial Desktop, different thematic maps were elaborated, which provide essential information for some Pilot Project.