Pilot Project "Regional Information Centre for Urban Environment and GIS - Management" - Implementation of GIS for the Ecozone "Sofia-East", Using SICAD Spatial Desktop Software, Creation of Reliable Database, Control and Revision by Aerial Photos

Participants: Bavarian Ministry of Environment, ASDE, BASA-ReSAC

In 1999 Sofia Municipality defined Ecozone "Sofia-East" as part of the new Structural Scheme of the city. The elaborated under PHARE Project BG 9310-03-05-05 Environmental Management Plan of this test area established the base for a Local Model for Sustainable Development for the capital of Bulgaria. More than 15 Pilot Projects are defined in different domains: industry, infrastructure, rehabilitation, environment, transport. Using the Bavarian experience, the District of Mladost started the creation of Regional Information Center for Urban Environment. Geographic Information System (as an example is taken the SICAD technology), integrates all available geospatial information and provides the necessary outputs, which could be used by decision-makers and future investors.

With the strong support of the Permanent Bulgarian-Bavarian Commission, the Bavarian State Chancellery and the Bavarian Ministry of Regional Development and Environment, a GIS solution was chosen, based on the software SICAD Spatial Desktop from SICAD GEOMATICS. The system was installed in the District of Mladost - one of the most populated districts of Sofia, which area is part of Ecozone "Sofia - East". The project was conducted by the Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration "Ecozone Sofia" (ASDE) together with Stalker-KM, the Bulgarian partner of SICAD and the BASA-ReSAC. More than 20 information layers were created - cadastre (provided by GIS-Sofia Ltd), land use/land cover, infrastructure, hydrography, geology, soils, protected zones, Digital Terrain Model, etc. Using the geoprocessing functionalities of SICAD Spatial Desktop, different thematic maps were elaborated, which provide essential information for some Pilot Project.