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Since 1998, ReSAC applies Remote Sensing and GIS in decision making for agricultural and environmental management, land cover/land use, soil and forest inventory, water resources, environmental hazards, urban planning, infrastructure, participation in regional and international projects and cooperation.

ReSAC maintains a qualified specialists covering a wide range of RS/GIS applications.



ReSAC offers services in the area of earth observation applications, GIS, orthophoto mapping as well as consultancy for projects and tasks within this scope.

ReSAC has participated in many projects in which it has been a leading institution as well as members from ReSAC have been consultants and subcontractors in projects lead by other organisations.


If you need satellite or aerial image, or need a ready to use GIS product derived from remote sensing data, please contact us to see how we can help you

Satellite images used in the ReSAC website: for Ikonos images Courtesy of European Space Imaging / © European Space Imaging GmbH,; for QuickBird images Courtesy of DigitalGlobe,; for Landsat images © ESA.

17 years leader in the GeoInformation services in Bulgaria

ReSAC participates in FP7:








Remote Sensing Application Center - ReSAC conducted a training course within the FEMA Project

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ReSAC successfully fulfilled a project for mapping flood risk and flood hazard for East-Aegean River Basin Directorate, Bulgaria

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Participation of Remote Sensing Application Center - ReSAC in project "GRASSLAND" ...

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Participation of Remote Sensing Application Center - ReSAC in project "FEMA" ...

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21st Conference of the MARS-Unit, JRC was held in Thessaloniki, Greece; ReSAC participated with a Poster...

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Forthcoming CONFERENCE &ndash „Challenge Pioneer“ , Dedicated to 100th Anniversary of Prof. Ivan Asen Nikolov Petkov, Sofia, 30th October 2015, Faculty of Physics, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky".

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