Remote Sensing Application Center - ReSAC, Agency of Sustainable Development and Eurointegration - Ecoregions (ASDE) and Alliance for Environment Participated in a Workshop-Meeting With a Representative of the German Company GAF AG - Jurgen Langenwalter


On 07.02.2018 in the conference hall at 9, Kokiche Str., Lozenets, Sofia, a Workshop-Meeting was held between experts from ReSAC, ASDE and Alliance for Environment with a representative of the German company GAF AG - Jurgen Langenwalter.

From the German party the following topics were presented:

  • GAF AG Company short Presentation
  • Data - Satellite Imagery
  • Products - GAF Elevation Suite (from 0.3 m to 5 m resolution)
  • Introduction to GAFMap Software - Desktop GIS including DEM Viewer and Geology Extension
  • Services & Solutions Examples - Flood Modelling, Generation of building (block) heights, Biodiversity Mapping, Change Detection of Natural Ressources, Topo Mapping, Emergency Response

From the Bulgarian party the following topics were presented:

  • ReSAC/ASDE short presentation
  • Concept, based on the flagship trans-border BG-RO project – CBC 171
  • In support to the EU, macro-regional policies/programs - Regional Center for integrated risk and territory management for the region of Lower Danube
  • From research to operational practice and value-added services

The main purpose of the meeting was to make more profound connections between participants who have been long time in professional contact during various European projects, in order to generate ideas for future collaboration.

There were also discussed upcoming events in connection with the Council of Europe Program for the Presidency of Bulgaria, to be held in April 2018.