The Bulgarian Agriculture Pilot in the Frame of FP6 IST Project SAFIR

Participants: ReSAC, VRA, NBT, MAF

The Project SAFIR is developed under the Sixth Framework Programme of the EC and one of the project leaders is the company Voice-Insight Ltd. from Belgium.

The role of ReSAC in SAFIR project as local partner of Vratsa Regional Administration is to identify and develop new and interesting domain in order to prove the efficiency of the technology as well as to increase the reach and dissemination potential of the project. The pilot was focused in the field of agriculture, considering the importance of the future implementation of Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in Bulgaria. The project started in the beginning of 2004 with duration of 4 years.

The Agriculture will be one of the most important sectors of the Bulgarian economy after the accession of the country in the EU. The implementation of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) of the European Union will have a huge impact on citizens in Bulgaria and will engage enormous resources of the Administration in order to manage properly the EU subsidies.

The process of managing the aid declaration and the control of subsidy distribution consists of different sophisticated services and activities involving as actors both the administration and the farmers. The IT framework will be the Integrated Administrative Control System (IACS) and the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS). There is a big potential of introducing (as well as testing) of the voice activated technology in the annual management of the EU subsidies, which could increase the performance of the system and guarantee the payments to farmers in due time. In particular, the introduction of SAFIR technology should be focused on field inspections - as one of the most time-consuming activities during the campaign, sometimes even a bottleneck of the whole process of subsidy management and control.

The analysis lead to the conclusions that the introduction of SAFIR technology in the part of field inspections and other filed activities, complementary to the Control with Remote Sensing will dramatically increase the performance of both LPIS and IACS systems and help guarantee the payments to farmers in due time. Additional benefits for the field users will be the shorter terms of field tasks completion, the decreased expenses for staff training, the improved accuracy of data and avoiding discrepancies in the field.

The pilot is implemented by following local partners: ReSAC (Bulgaria), Vratca Regional Administration (Bulgaria) and New Bulgarian Technologies (Bulgaria).

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