EAGLE: Assistance to the EEA in the Production of the New Corine Land Cover (CLC) Inventory Including the Support to the Harmonisation of National Monitoring for Integration at Pan- European Level


The EAGLE group is an open assembly of technical experts from different member state of National Reference Centre (NRCs) on land cover. Currently, the development of EAGLE concept and methodology is being funded by the European Environment Agency (EEA) under the framework of Copernicus program. Initially, the group worked on a voluntary basis, not financed by any external budget, except the home institution seconding their experts to the working group meetings. The meetings were partly supported by FP7 geoland2, partly FP7 HELM which also has incorporated EAGLE as a task. From 2014, the EAGLE consortium has been funded by EEA for a number of Service Contracts to further develop the concept.

The EAGLE concept …

  • can be a useful framework for the integration of LC / LU information from various data sets in one single data model
  • is applicable on both national and EU level
  • is a vehicle for comparison and semantic translation between different LC/LU nomenclatures, and facilitates data exchange
  • is open to be implemented as a LC / LU data collection standard for national land monitoring initiatives
  • can be a coherent common data framework for several single Copernicus products (CLC, HRLs, Urban Atlas).

ReSAC is involved in in the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Development of explanatory documentation for the EAGLE concept
  • Task 2: Fine tuning of the EAGLE data model & matrix