Projects 1998

Project Management, Map Analyses and Edition of the “Pilot Environmental Management Plan for an Outlying Area of Sofia”, Map Analyses on the Base of Satellite data and Aerial Photos, PHARE Programme, PHACSY No. BG9310-03-05-05, in Consortium with ESBI International, Ireland

Participants: ESBI International, Ireland, Stalker KM Ltd., BASA-ReSAC

The Pilot Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Ecozone "Sofia e East" is prepared for an urban/rural area of 135 km2, situated to the east of the city of Sofia and Sofia Region. Land use in the area is varied and complex and includes high rise housing blocks, small satellite villages, industry and warehousing, highways and transport networks, agriculture and forestry, quarries and landfill sites. The area contains also Sofia Airport, Vrana Park botanical reserve and palace complex, Sofia East heat/power station and part of Iskar and Lesnovska rivers.

The EMP was developed by a consortium ESBI&STALKER-KM Ltd under PHARE Programme /Ministry of Environment Project - BG 9310-03-05-05 in 1996-1997.

The Pilot EMP proposes a Model for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration of Sofia and the region, defines Pilot Projects and a Structure for their implementation.