FP 6 IP - IST - SAFIR Project

Participants: CCI-Vratsa, NTB-AD, Vratsa District Administration, ASDE-ReSAC

The SAFIR project will give each citizen and special user groups an equal opportunity to access and modify at any time interactively existing up to date e-government information thru easy devices as TV , wired and wireless devices (GSM/PDA),… from anywhere by usage of own voice in his daily language.

The objectives are:

  • Offer easy transaction access to both PC illiterate citizens and special users like police, fire brigades, governmental employees (surveyors and other field employees in charge of recording facility assets modifications) while on the move. e.g.: permit forms, adequate field reaction to hazards, anonymous e-payment…
  • Establish the techniques and procedures to have up to date data to be used by the citizens and the special users,
  • Enhancing data modeling and voice domains through ontology and semantic in a multilingual enlarged Europe.