JRC Formosat-2

Participants: ReSAC, JRC, SPOT Image, Spacemetric.

ReSAC along with SPOT Image and Spacemetric participated in a thorough research of JRC on the orthorectification accuracy of FORMOSAT-2. The aim of this study was to finalise the analysis on the potential of the FORMOSAT-2 satellite as a backup sensor for the CwRS Campaigns, which are carried out on a yearly basis over the EU member states. Essentially, the research consisted of consecutive orthorectification of an image with gradually increasing, in a strict order, number of GCPs. The test was performed on two distinct study areas – one over Sozopol in Bulgaria and another over Mausanne in France. Furthermore, for each site two different incidence angles were evaluated for their effect over the orthorectification products' positional accuracy.